Communication Services

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Police Department Communications Center is located at 400 Palmetto St. Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the Administration Building on the 1st floor. The Communications Center is operated 24/7 by a certified NCIC / TCIC dispatcher.

The Communications and Record Center is supervised by the Support Supervisor and ALT TAC Regina Shoulders.

The Communications and Record Center is responsible for a variety of emergency and no-emergency calls for service, as well as the record keeping for all Criminal Files for the Police Department. Duties for our communications officers include:

  • Receiving incoming calls for service
  • Prioritize request for service based on need
  • Maintain communications with our officers and coordinate with Chattanooga City Police Department, Fire and Ambulance when needed.
  • Assist walk-ins
  • Operate Criminal Justice Computer Systems NCIC / TCIC and other data bases to officers in the field on Criminal Offender and other records information.
  • File, record and maintain Criminal Justice entries in a number of data bases
  • Operate CAD (Computerized Aided Dispatch) as well as hand written daily logs
  • Monitor various alarm systems as well computerized door closings and openings as well as student access to facilities after normal business hours

In most cases, the Communications Officer is the first contact with the UTC Police Department that a student or his/her parents have. We become the first impression of this Department, therefore it is very important that we display a professional manner to the students as well as the general public. When someone calls for service the Communications Officer will require their name, his/her call back number, location, nature of call and officer safety information. If the request for service is of a non-emergency nature it will be handled in the order it was received and as man power allows.

As you can readily see, the Communications Officer does more than just answer the telephone. Their ability to maintain a calm and professional manner during periods of high stress is paramount to the successful discharge of their duties and the safety of the Police Officers in the field.