Academic Program Review   

Academic program review is a process intended to provide faculty and academic administrators with information to assess program strengths and weaknesses, and thus identify ways the program may be improved.  The initial step in the program review process is for faculty to conduct a thorough data-driven program self-study.  Results are published in a self-study document which is submitted to faculty, the college dean and others to review and offer suggestions for modification.  Program faculty are the key players in the self-study process but may seek assistance from other campus groups and agencies.  This information should play a major role in helping faculty to define initiatives, improve quality, and justify needed resources.  Program review is perhaps the most essential component in academic planning.  The Self-Study Guidelines pose questions which are intended to be a general guide for the departmental self-study.  By responding to the questions, faculty will provide external peer reviewers with information to assess each program according to THEC Quality Assurance Funding criteria.

Since the main function of program review is to facilitate planning and improvement at the department level, faculty should not be limited by considering only questions and information suggested in the guidelines.  The structure of both the self-study process and the self-study report should be determined primarily by the needs and values of the academic unit.  In conducting the self-study, the department will generate important information needed for academic planning within the department.  Curriculum revision, proposals for new programs, staffing needs, and budget priorities should be supported by information identified through the self-study process.  The Office of Planning, Evaluation & Institutional Research will work closely with academic deans and department heads to coordinate the program review process on the UTC campus.  OPEIR will support each department undergoing program review by providing guidance and data during the self-study.

THEC Program Review Schedule: 2015-2020 Cycle (pdf)

AIR Professional Report - Program Review: A Tool for Continuous Improvement for Academic Programs

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