Institutional Dashboards

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The Institutional and Departmental Dashboards represent a multi-year summary of UTC and its colleges, departments, and programs.  The primary purpose of this dashboard is to provide UTC administrators, faculty, and staff with a flexible report of recent activities and trends of the institution  in order to assist in annual goals and outcomes, program review, accreditation, etc.

Using the Dashboards

All dashboards allow filtering by year or term as well as academic organization; college, department, and in some cases program-level data are available. Use the navigation bar above to select a dashboard, or choose from the following:

  • Enrollment: A summary of 14th day UTC student enrollment with various demographic, academic characteristics available for filtering. 
  • Degrees Awarded: A summary of degrees awarded to UTC students with various demographic, academic characteristics available for filtering. 
  • Progression: A summary of undergraduate students reaching the THEC-defined milestones for progression through 30, 60, and 90 credit hours earned with demographic filters.
  • Retention: A summary of undergraduate student retention from one Fall semester to the next, with demographic filters.
  • Student Credit Hours: A summary of student credit hours generated by UTC's academic programs with filters for course type, instruction method, and instructor type.
  • Faculty: A summary of full-time and adjunct faculty with basic demographics. 
  • new General Education: A summary of Gen Ed course offering trends, enrollment trends, and grade distributions with filters for course and student characteristics.


For further information, please contact OPEIR at at 423-425-2216 or submit requests for additional data to