How to Access Course Learning Evaluation Results: Student Instructions


Instructions for Students (PDF Format)

Instructions for Accessing Course Evaluation Results

The following instructions allow you to view previous evaluation results of UTC instructors to help find the instructor that best fits your needs.  UTC hopes that by viewing past results of the course evaluations, you can choose a professor whose teaching style best fits with your learning. UTC also hopes that seeing past results will help you rate professors more accurately as a way of helping fellow UTC students pick the right professor and course for them as well.

  1. Login to MyMocsNet.
Login to MyMocsNet


 2.  Click on the Academics tab at the top of the page

Academics link at the top of the page

There is also a link to the Course Learning Evaluation Results in the Academic Quicklinks channel under the Academics tab.

Academic Quicklinks 


3. Scroll down to the Course Evaluations section.

Course Evaluations section


4.  Click Course Evaluation Ratings to begin viewing the evaluation results.

Course Evaluation Ratings link


5.  Type the alpha-numeric course code you are reviewing in the box, then click Search.

Under Show only instructors scheduled to teach this course again is a checked box. If you know the professor IS NOT returning, please uncheck the box.

Enter course and click search



6.  Click the name of the instructor whose results you would like to view under Instructor.

Click the name of the instructor


7.  You can see how the instructor averages on each question of the evaluation and compare the instructor’s average to the average for all instructors that teach the course.

Screenshot of results page


8.  Repeat for all other courses and instructors you would like to view and compare.

Contact Cindy Williamson ( with questions concerning student access to Course Learning Evaluation results.