Using Assessment Results to Improve Programs

Here are some ideas on how to improve programs and services as a result of data collected.

Using Assessment Results to Improve Instructional Programs

  • Change the Curriculum:  Modify the degree program, add new courses, add/modify degree requirements, change the sequence of courses, etc.
  • Change Courses:  Revise existing courses, revise course outcomes, add/change assignments, modify course materials, change course materials (texts, etc.)
  • Redeisgn Courses:  Redesign courses to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Change Pedagogy:  Revise how course material is delivered, revise how course is taught (include active learning strategies), integrate technology, change learning environment, etc.
  • Change Assessment Measures:  Change assessment tools, incorporate rubrics, change when assessment takes place in the curricula, modify assessment instruments, change data analyses, etc.
  • Change Criteria for Success:  Increase/modify criteria for success for the program learning outcome.
  • Change a Process:  Change entrance requirements, change advisement process/materials, etc.

Using Assessment Results to Improve Administrative and Support Services

  • Change/Revise a Service: change the service offered or the way a service is delivered, change office hours/frequency of service, etc.
  • Revise/Change a Process:  Change forms, approval processes, etc.
  • Implement a New Policy:  Develop and implement a new policy and new procedures.
  • Implement a New Process:  Develop/implement new processes.
  • Revise a Budget:  Request or reallocated fiscal/human resources to respond to specific needs.
  • Revise an Assessment:  Develop and implement new ways to evaluate service.
  • Change Criteria for Success:  Change criteria considered for success.
  • Create/Change Instruction/Training Program:  Implement/modify training program for users of the service.
  • Implement Staff Development:  Change/implement training program for staff.

(Thanks to University of Mississippi for these ideas.)