Instructions for Submitting Syllabi

Please ensure that each syllabus includes all of the required information as listed on the Syllabus Checklist ( before uploading into the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools-Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC) folder.  If information is missing or incorrect, return to the instructor for corrections before submission.  See the Syllabus Resources web pages for additional information.


Instructor of Record

The instructor listed on the syllabus MUST match the instructor listed in BANNER and the online Class Schedule.

If the instructor of record in Banner is incorrect and the instructor listed on the submitted syllabus is correct, contact Records & Registration (423-425-4416) to make corrections in Banner.


What syllabi are required to submit?

A syllabus should be collected for any course with at least ONE student enrolled.  If there aren’t any students enrolled, then it is not necessary to submit a syllabus.

Syllabi are not needed for the following courses:

      • UHON 4995-Honors
      • Research (4997)
      • Independent Studies (4998)
      • Thesis courses
      • Dissertation courses
      • Departmental Honors courses

Internship, Capstone and Group Studies Courses MAY not have a syllabus.  If so, then a completed NO SYLLABUS REQUIRED FORM should be submitted for those courses. Those forms should be named in the same manner as described below.

The NO SYLLABUS REQUIRED FORM must include the following information.

        • How student(s) are graded/assessed for the course.
        • If guidelines (e.g., a contract) are drawn up for each student separately or as a group and the location(s) of where those guidelines are kept.


File Naming Conventions and Document Types

All syllabi are to be submitted electronically and should be in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) formats.

Syllabi files should be named using the following format:
DEPT.COURSENUMBER.CRN (Department abbreviation [all caps] dot course number dot CRN number)

  • Example:  PSY.1010.42313.doc or PSY.1010.42313.pdf

Syllabi with more that one section should include all of the CRNs.

  • Example: SP15.CRMJ.2110.42458.42459.doc


Instructions for Uploading Syllabi

  • Click on Depts (S:) drive or (O:) drive (whichever is set up for your department).
  • Click on SACS.
  • Choose the semester, college, department and drag or copy and paste the files into folder.


Syllabi Submission Deadlines

All syllabi are due based on the following schedule.  Check the Academic Calendar to determine specific dates.

  • Fall and spring syllabi are due two weeks after the posted first day of classes for the term.  If you have classes that begin mid-term of the spring/fall semesters, the course syllabi are due two weeks after the posted first day of classes for that term.
  • Summer syllabi are due two weeks after the posted first day of the class term.