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  • 2016 Physical Therapy ForumDr. Corrie Odom, Director of Clinical Education at Duke University and past Chairman of Clinical Education for the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

  • 2015 Physical Therapy Forum-  “Blow-by-Blow: PT Concussion Management, ”Dr. Sue L. Whitney, PT, Ph.D., NCS, ATC, FAPTA, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and Program Director of the Centers for Rehab Services Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and American Physical Therapy Association Board of Directors.

  • 2014 Physical Therapy Forum- Sharon Dunn, PT, PhD, OCS (Vice President, APTA); Fighting Health Care Fraud by Asserting Professional Integrity.


  • 2012- 12th Annual Physical Therapy Forum- Carol Jo Tichenor MA, PT, HFAAOMPT (Program Director of the Kaiser Hayward PT Fellowship Program);The Future of Physical Therapy: Survive, Flourish, Contribute








  • 2009 - 9th Annual Physical Therapy Forum- Ethel Frese, PT, PhD, MHS, CCS (President of the Cardiopulmonary Section of the APTA; Associate Professor at Saint Louis University); What's So Vital about Vital Signs & Other Clinical Tests?

Approximately 300 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students attended the 9th Annual PT Forum sponsored by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga DPT program and the Chattanooga State Technical Community College PTA program on January 15, 2009.  The guest speaker was Dr. Ethel Frese, a native of Chattanooga and current President of the Cardiopulmonary Section of the APTA.  The timely topic addressed the importance of monitoring vital signs as therapists and assistants work with our patient population.   Dr. Joe Black, TPTA President, welcomed the attendees and encouraged participation in association activities.  We were also thrilled to welcome back to our campus approximately 50 of our UTC PT grads.

  • 2008 - 8th Annual Physical Therapy Forum- January 25 , 2008- Susie Deusinger (Director of the Program in Physical Therapy, Washington University); Obesity and Physical  Therapy Practice

The 8th Annual Physical Therapy Forum, sponsored by The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga DPT Program and Chattanooga State Community College PTA Program, was held on January 25, 2008.  Dr. Susan Deusinger, Professor and Director of the Physical Therapy Program at Washington University spoke to almost 300 participants on Obesity and its implications in physical therapy practice.  Deusinger's recent research and practice is focused on improving and increasing movement in otherwise healthy obese individuals and understanding the attitudes and beliefs that compromise pursuit of healthy lifestyles. Deusinger's visibility in The American Education Research Association and National Association for the Study of Obesity enables her to blend scientific, educational and clinical perspectives to the care of obese adults. Her leadership in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has been at the local, state and national levels. She actively pursues professional roles that enable her to advocate for the profession and demonstrate the value of physical therapy intervention for patients and the high level career satisfaction for individuals who pursue physical therapy for their life's work.



2007 - Seventh Annual Physical Therapy Forum- January 12, 2007- Scott Ward (APTA President): Direct Access

The 7th Annual Physical Therapy Forum, sponsored by The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga DPT Program and Chattanooga State Community College PTA Program, was held on January 12, 2007. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) President R. Scott Ward, PT, Ph.D.,spoke to almost 300 participants on “Direct Access: What is its practical relevance to the physical therapy profession?”  The forum included a presentation of the history and current status of direct access to physical therapy services. Clinical and political issues associated with direct access along with the merits of direct access and the rationale for its adoption were discussed. Central to the forum was a discussion of an unlimited direct access’s impact on physical therapy in Tennessee: across practice settings, for consumers, and for physical therapy clinicians.

Ward, newly elected APTA President in June 2006, has been an active member since 1980. He began serving on the APTA Board of Directors in 2001. He has served as Board Liaison to the Utah, California, Mississippi, Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, and New Mexico Chapters. He has also served as Board Liaison to the Oncology, Acute Care/Hospital Clinical Practice, Research, and Education Sections.  Ward received the Ph.D. in Physiology (1994), and BA in Physical Therapy (1980) both from the University of Utah. He currently serves as Chair, Division of Physical Therapy, University of Utah, and is a practicing physical therapist at the University Hospital’s Burn Center. Ward chairs the Rehabilitation Committee of the American Burn Association and serves on the Rehabilitation Committee of the International Society for Burn Injury.  The author of numerous published research articles, Ward has been honored with APTA’s Lucy Blair Service Award (1999) and the Utah Chapter of APTA’s Physical Therapist of the Year Award (1994). He also was the 2003 recipient of the Barbara Knothe Burn Therapist Achievement Award from the American Burn Association.


  • 2006 -Sixth Annual Physical Therapy Forum- Zach Wamp (US House of Representatives) and Bo Watson, PT (TN State Representatives) and Dave Mason (APTA Government Affairs Staff): Legislative Issues


Sixth Annual Physical Therapy Forum- January 14, 2006

Congressman Zach Wamp, Dr. Debbie Ingram, Chancellor Roger Brown, Laura Warren,, PT, MS, Chattanooga State and Representative Bo Watson (left to right)

 Zach Wamp, U.S. Representative from Tennessee’s Third Congressional District, and Bo Watson, State Representative, District 31, were among those to examine “Government Issues Affecting Physical Therapy and the Patients We Serve” at the Sixth Annual Physical Therapy Forum sponsored by The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga DPT Program and Chattanooga State PTA Program. Over 300 participants attended the program at no cost. 

According to Dr. Debbie Ingram, UC Foundation Professor of Physical Therapy, participants heard the latest news and insights from Capitol Hill and the Tennessee Legislature. Members of Congress and the General Assembly debate legislation that has a dramatic impact on the practice of physical therapy, and Ingram identified the Medicare therapy cap as a major federal issue.  “The Therapy Cap went into effect January 1. It limits a Medicare recipient to roughly $1700 worth of outpatient physical therapy and speech therapy combined for a calendar year,” Ingram said. “This becomes problematic for the person who has a stroke in January and uses up all therapy dollars. If that person then falls and breaks a hip later that year, the patient is not eligible for therapy under Part B.”

Congressman Zach Wamp (R-TN3) is a co-sponsor of the physical therapy legislation to repeal the Medicare outpatient therapy caps. Wamp is the founder and current co-chairman of the Congressional Fitness Caucus, which promotes healthier lifestyles for all citizens. In 2004, he launched “Tennessee on the Move” as a statewide program administered by the University of Tennessee to promote physical activity, proper nutrition and preventative healthcare.

State Representative Bo Watson is the first physical therapist elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives. Representing District 31, Watson serves on the Health & Human Resources and Government Operations Committees. He is a 1983 graduate of UTC and earned a PT degree from the University of Tennessee at Memphis. As a practicing physical therapist for 20 years, Watson is the Director of Therapy Services at Parkridge Medical Center in Chattanooga and frequently serves as a clinical instructor to the PTA students from Chattanooga State and PT students from UTC.

  • 2005 - Jody Gandy (APTA Education Department): Professionalism
  • 2004 - Peggy Gleason (Texas Woman's University; Chair of Clinical Education Special Interest Group of APTA): Motivating the Generations
  • 2003 - Chris Larson (Vice President of the FSBPT) canceled due to snow
  • 2002 - Andrew Guccione (VP of Practice, APTA): The DPT
  • 2001 - Ben Massey (APTA President): State of the Association - A Town Hall Meeting
  • 1999 - Cheryl Carpenter: Issues of Delegation (PT/PTA role)