After reviewing this page and the related sections of our web page, please feel free to contact the department with any additional questions you may have. If you have questions regarding admissions, please contact the program coordinator at


What prerequisites are required to enter the program?

Please see the “prerequisites” drop-down under “Admissions” for the full listing of prerequisites.


Can I be accepted before I have completed all my prerequisite courses?

Yes, however all prerequisite courses must be completed prior to beginning the program.


When do prerequisites need to be completed?  

Six of the nine courses comprising the science prerequisite GPA must be completed at the time of application. All twelve prerequisites must be completed prior to entering the program. Statistics and the two psychology prerequisites do not have to be completed at the time of application.


What happens if I have not completed all the prerequisites?

Applicants that do not have six of the nine science prerequisites completed—with a grade reflected in PTCAS—are considered “incomplete.” We will not review these applications until after the academic update. (This is after we make decisions for the incoming class.) After the academic update, qualified applicants will be placed on the alternate/ wait list. All of the prerequisites must be completed by the time of program entry. If all of the prerequisites are not complete by this time, accepted students will be denied a position in the class.


My science classes are more than five years old. Do prerequisite courses have an expiration date?

No. There is currently no expiration date for prerequisite coursework.


How do I know if my prerequisites are acceptable?

Equivalency Charts are available on the UTC Records page. This link may be helpful as well. Please note that all science courses should be appropriate for majors in that discipline.  While a course may transfer as an equivalent for the purposes of an undergraduate degree, undergraduate science courses designated as courses for non-majors are not usually accepted as prerequisites for entry into the DPT program.  Please contact the Program Coordinator with questions regarding the appropriateness of courses if you have questions. You may also contact the department for equivalency information for specific schools.


If I have had a similar course, may I substitute it for a prerequisite?

In general, substitutions are not allowed, but exceptions are made on rare occasions. If you have a question about a specific course, please contact the Program Coordinator.


I never took general biology but my grades are good in higher courses – do I have to take general biology?

Typically, you should take the first-year sequence for biology majors at your school. You can substitute an upper level biology course (such as microbiology or genetics) for one semester of general biology.  This usually occurs when the first-year sequence includes a botany or ecology-focused course. However, if you take the Biology I and Biology II sequence, those are the courses that will be calculated in your science prerequisite GPA, not the higher level course. Contact our Program Coordinator directly for further questions.


Do Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses taken in high school count toward course requirements?

AP and IB coursework credit reflected on the undergraduate transcript is accepted. However, if both an AP/IB course and the graded equivalent prerequisite course is reflected, the graded course will be used. Applicants should also consider that if an AP/IB course is counted toward one of the nine science prerequisites, that the science prerequisite GPA will be calculated on a smaller number of hours, thus increasing the weight/ percentage of each remaining science prerequisite grade.


Do you accept CLEP credit for prerequisites?

The program does not accept CLEP credit for prerequisites.


Can I take prerequisite courses at a community college?

Yes you can, but please note that you must have completed a Bachelor’s degree from a four-year-institution before matriculation into the program.


If I have completed a PTA or a medical professional degree, will I still be required to complete your prerequisite courses?

Yes. The prerequisites are the same for all applicants, regardless of their professional background.


Do all prerequisite courses in anatomy, physiology, chemistry and physics need to have a laboratory component?

 Yes. There are no exceptions to the lab requirement.


My anatomy is only 3 credit hours but it has a lab, is that ok?

 No. Two four-hour anatomy and physiology courses are the prerequisite requirements.


Can I take prerequisite courses online?

You may. However, be certain to check with all programs you are applying to because many will not accept online coursework.


I have already graduated and am having a hard time finding an Exercise Physiology course, what can I do?

You will need to take exercise physiology at a four-year institution; it is generally not offered at a community college. UTC usually teaches this course online in the summer.


Would it be to my advantage to take more science courses than the minimal requirements?

Physical therapy is a highly science driven profession, so any science courses you take will enrich your understanding of scientific thinking, and will ultimately benefit you in the program. However, this will not put you above another applicant who has taken fewer science courses assuming that you both have the met the prerequisite requirements.


What are some suggested elective courses to take during undergraduate years?

Medical Terminology, Medical Ethics


Is volunteer or work experience in physical therapy required in order to apply?

Yes, however, a minimum number of hours are not recommended or required. Site clinical observations are important because they give prospective students an understanding of the profession and what a physical therapist actually does, and what it takes to be a physical therapist. It is important to choose clinical observations in a variety of settings (i.e. pediatrics, outpatient, inpatient, etc.) to confirm your interest in physical therapy as a career. One reference from a licensed physical therapist will be required. Hours must be completed and verified in PTCAS in order for the application to be considered.


Where can I find information on obtaining observation hours?

Contact individual physical therapy clinics/settings in your area to find out more about observation opportunities.


Are there additional requirements for application to the DPT program?

Refer to our admissions section of the website for all detailed application requirements.