After reviewing this page and the related sections of our web page, please feel free to contact the department with any additional questions you may have. If you have questions regarding admissions, please contact the program coordinator at


I am high school student who wants to come to UTC for Physical Therapy. Whom should I contact?

High School students should contact undergraduate admissions regarding the Physical Therapy-specific admissions tour. This is the best source of information for students who have not yet enrolled in UTC or another university. Information is available at the Visit Us link.


Can I get an undergraduate degree in PT?

No. There is no undergraduate degree in physical therapy.


Is there a desired major for my undergraduate degree?

Certain majors give background support for a career in health sciences.  At UTC the majority of our applicants pursue degrees in Biology, Health and Human Performance (Exercise Science, Movement Science), or Psychology. Assuming you meet all DPT application requirements, however, an applicant may hold an undergraduate degree in any major.


Can I major in Pre-PT?

A Pre-PT may be a track offered by some institutions, but is not a major offered at UTC.


Do I have to attend UTC for my bachelor’s degree to apply for UTC DPT’s program?

No. We accept students from colleges and universities from all over the country. 


Is there an advantage of attending UTC for my undergraduate degree?

There is no preference given to UTC students for admission over students who completed their undergraduate degree elsewhere. GRE scores along with science and cumulative GPAs are the primary factors used to determine admission.


Can I visit your school and talk with someone about the program?

Yes, you can. Information is available at the Visit Us link. Contact the department to set up an appointment. High School students should contact undergraduate admissions regarding the Physical Therapy-specific admissions tour.


Do I have to make an appointment to see the advisor in PT?

Yes. Please contact the Program Coordinator to set up an appointment.


I am an undergrad at UTC who wants to enter the PT program. Whom do I see for advising?

You must see your major advisor to plan your schedule and have your advisement hold lifted. If you want to discuss applying to the program, prerequisites, etc. please contact the Program Coordinator to set up an appointment.


Do I need to have completed my degree by the time I apply?

No. It must be completed before you begin the program.


Would it be to my advantage to complete a PTA program prior to PT school?

A PTA’s education and job description are very different from that of a PT. If you are considering physical therapy as a profession, and you are not already a PTA, it is best to take the steps to apply directly to a physical therapy program.