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Entry-level DPT students must earn a bachelor’s degree from a regionally-accredited institution prior to beginning the professional program. (Degree completion is not required to apply. )  Students wishing to pursue graduate work in physical therapy may major in any discipline as long as they meet the prerequisite, GPA and additional admission requirements.  (UTC does not offer a pre-physical therapy major.) 

Current or incoming UTC undergraduate students should contact their undergraduate major department for advisement. UTC undergraduate students are invited to tour the building on out of our advertised dates (see Visit Us). Students are encouraged to attend these sessions as they provide valuable information regarding the UTC DPT program and the application process. For additional resources for UTC students, please see the Resources for UTC Undergraduates page.

Specific prerequisite courses are outlined in the "Prerequisites" section along with additional admission eligibility requirements specific to our program. For specific questions regarding our program, please visit the FAQ section of our website on advisement, admissions and prerequisites. After reviewing the admissions and prerequisite sections of the website, current undergraduate students- enrolled at UTC or elsewhere-  may request a review of transcripts.

Current High School Students

Important Information to Note:

UTC Undergraduate Admissions offers specialized tours for prospective undergraduate students interested in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. These departmental visits are included as part of the campus tour and are offered on Fridays throughout the school year. Please check the Undergraduate Admissions Special Events page for dates and registration.

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Campus Tours and Visits - Special Events

The following links may also be helpful:

  • GPA Calculator
  • Raise Your GPA Calculator - Use this link to help determine what you need in order to raise your GPA to a specific number or to help predict your GPA at the end of the semester.
  • Converting Quarter Hours to Semester Hours
  • Equivalency Charts - Use this link to find course equivalents. Please note that ALL science courses must be appropriate for majors in that discipline.  While a course may transfer as an equivalent for the purposes of an undergraduate degree, undergraduate science courses that are designated as courses for non-majors are not accepted as prerequisites for entry into the DPT program.  Please contact the department with questions regarding the appropriateness of courses if you have questions. You may also contact the department for equivalency information for specific schools.
  • Petition for Prerequisite Substitution - Used for consideration of a course to substitution for a prerequisite.  Use this form only if the program requests you petition a course.