Travel Information


General Information & Airline Connections

The nearest airports are London 's Heathrow and Gatwick. Alternatively, it is possible to fly to Manchester Airport or London's Stansted Airport, although it is not recommended due to longer and more expensive ground travel time to Oxford. Click here for general travel information to Britain, including information on accommodation, festivals, cultural events, and attractions, practical advice and air travel.
For airline fares, in addition to major sites like Travelocity or Expedia, you may want to consult the Fly Europe webpage or

Leaving Luggage at the Airport or Rail Station

You may want to store luggage at the airport or rail station for a few days (or longer) during your travel. For information on left luggage, click here!

Ground Transportation from the Airport

Oxford Bus Company express buses leave every 20 minutes from Heathrow Airport, 24 hours each day, and every hour from Gatwick Airport.
Click here for ground transportation from Stansted Airport. Note that there is no direct coach or rail service from Stansted to Oxford. Travellers will have to connect in London. Expect the journey to take 4 hours or more.

Ground Transportation from Oxford to London or Cambridge

The Oxford Tube requires about 1 hour and 45 minutes each way from the city of London to Oxford, depending on traffic. For low cost bus service from Oxford to London or Cambridge, visit the Megabus website.


The average Oxford temperature during July and August is 16° Celsius, or about 66° F. This is an average of daytime and overnight temperatures. Most days will be between 65° F-75° F; most nights temperatures will fall to 55° F-60° F. But be advised that England does occasionally suffer a heat wave (temperatures in the 80s or even 90s), and most buildings are not air conditioned, including those at OCHJS. Be certain to bring a light jacket, an umbrella, and comfortable walking shoes. Also, although you should dress for comfort, note too that at the university libraries you will likely receive looks of disapproval if you wear a tank top, shorts, and sneakers. Click here for 5 day weather forecast for Oxford.