Local Restaurants

The Red Lion pub in Yarnton on Cassington Rd. is only a few blocks away. The food is quite good at this family oriented pub. Often, there is live music. Note that the drinking age in pubs is 18, although at age 16 one can purchase beer or wine when accompanied by an adult. The Red Lion is open 11.30 A.M.-11 P.M. Monday-Saturday, and 12-11 P.M. on Sunday.

The Turnpike Pub is about a ¾ mile walk, and is found on Woodstock Rd. Again, the food is quite good, with a varied daily menu.

Both pubs have outdoor seating as well as tables indoors. Order and pay for your food (or drink) at the bar; a server will then deliver it to your table.

In addition, there are numerous restaurants near Yarnton that will deliver food to your door. A list will be provided.


For basic items—like those you would find in any convenience store—the closest store will be the Paternoster Farm store at the end of Church Lane, which is open 7 days/week. The Paternoster Farm store also has some fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition, there is a gas station convenience store in the village of Yarnton on the corner of the Garth and Woodstock Rd. (highway A44). This is about a 10-15 minute walk.

Twice each week the OCHJS minibus will take residents to the Sainsburys supermarket 1.5 miles away on Oxford Rd. in Kidlington. This is about the size of the largest supermarkets in the US, with a wonderful variety of prepared foods (just pop in the microwave) and fresh and frozen foods. Remember, preparing your own meals in your kitchen at OCHJS will be least expensive; grocery prices on average will be about what you pay in the US, or only slightly more (depending on exchange rates).

Nearby Attractions

Only about 4 miles north you will find the charming town of Woodstock. There you will find Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill and the home of the 11th Duke of Marlborough.

It is possible to tour the palace, although not inexpensive. A ticket for a single adult to the grounds and the palace is £16.00 (with a student ID). Residents (even temporary residents) of Oxfordshire may walk the grounds, however, at no charge. Ask for information concerning this option.

Cultural Events in Oxford

Although OCHJS is located outside the city of Oxford, a fifteen minute bus ride delivers the visitor to the city's center. Even during summer break, Oxford is a busy, vibrant city with many entertainment opportunities. For a quick look at Oxford's offerings, see the Oxford Visitor's Guide at http://www.oxfordcity.co.uk. In addition, we plan various gatherings and social events on the OCHJS campus. Although there are no athletic facilities on the campus, there are extensive gardens, as well as paths for walking and biking.


The gardens at OCHJS are carefully cultivated and tended. Please do not pick the flowers or damage the gardens or lawns. Similarly, below the north wall of the Manor you will find a well-tended vegetable garden and, on the other side of the wall, an orchard with fruit bearing trees. Vegetables and fruit belong to the Manor; please do not take the produce for your own use.

Athletic Facilities

There are no athletic facilities at OCHJS. There is croquet, which can be set up on the lawn. Or, as already noted, it is possible to rent a bicycle. There are also many well marked walking paths (a map will be available). It is even possible to walk from OCHJS along the Oxford canal into the city centre, although this will require about 75-90 minutes each way.