Cost of the Summer in Oxford Program

Students who enroll in both courses for 6 credit hours will pay $4500. This covers the cost of UTC summer tuition and fees, all field trips and admissions, a bus pass for local travel in Oxford, and a private bedroom in housing at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. A non-refundable deposit is payable no later than 1 February, 2013. Students receiving the Tennessee Hope Scholarship may be eligible to receive $1000 toward the cost of 6 credit hours in the summer program. The award effectively reduces the cost noted above to $3500. Note that should you choose to enroll in only one course, for 3 credit hours, you will be ineligible to receive Hope Scholarship assistance.

Costs Not Covered

Airfare. Students will purchase their own airline ticket, and will be expected to meet in Oxford on 4 July. This provides the opportunity to travel independently in England or elsewhere prior to the start of the summer program. Your airfare cost will depend on your point of
departure. Fares have risen substantially over the past few years. A round trip ticket from Chattanooga to London in July, 2013 may be approximately $1350; a flight from New York may be approximately $950. Express bus service from London's Heathrow and
Gatwick Airports is available for £29 and £37 (roundtrip), respectively.

Food and incidentals. Students will not purchase a board plan at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (OCHJS). Because most housing is arranged in quad suites, with four private bedrooms sharing 1 ½ baths and a full kitchen, students will typically prepare
meals in their own kitchens. This will be most cost effective. Minibus service from OCHJS to a major grocery store (Sainsbury's, in Kidlington) runs 2X/week. Expect the cost of groceries to be approximately what one would spend in Chattanooga.