CANDL Podcasts

You can listen to our audio learning modules through this website by clicking the links below, or on your mobile device using a podcast app.

Listen on your mobile device

Subscribe and listen to CANDL podcasts on your iPhone or Android phone by using a podcast app.  iPhones come with a Apple Podcast installed, but you may also search for an install other podcast apps via the App Store. 

Android phones have many different options for podcasts but may have Google Podcast already installed. Google Music will also play podcasts. Visit the Google Play Store if you need to install an app on your Android phone.

  1. Once in the app, click on the search icon (typically a magnifying glass).
  2. Type “CANDL” into the search space and look for the CANDL logo. You may need to scroll past other podcasts that contain the word "candle."
  3. SUBSCRIBE or click on individual episodes.  To listen later when you may not have an Internet connection, look for an icon to download (typically incorporates a downward arrow).
  4. Listen to the audio file on your own time.

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