Keyboard MS Office

Highly Recommended

Most or all written assignments in the School of Nursing should normally be submitted in Microsoft Office format. Although it is possible to use other software (MS Works, Open Office, Apple Pages and Keynote, etc.) to create documents and then save them in MS Office format, doing so requires care and makes collaboration more difficult. We strongly recommend that all students have and use MS Office 2013 or later.

Free for Current UTC Students

A subscription to Office 365 (aka Office 2016) is free for current students, for installation on up to five devices (computers, tablets, phones).   This package includes the MS Word and Powerpoint students need for classes.  You can register and download the installer online here.

Note that Microsoft provides online versions of MS Office which run inside a web browser and thus require a Internet connection.  As long as you are associated with UTC, you are also entitled to download and install the "full" version of MS Office.  You can either log into and click the INSTALL OFFICE button at the upper right or (unless they have changed it) use the link below:

Note: You must have Windows 7, 8 or 10 (or Mac OS) to take advantage of this offer. 

Installing on Additional Devices

The simplest method is to use the new computer to visit and click the INSTALL OFFICE button at the top right. If you need to manage your installations, the following link may be helpful: