Students in the DNP Program have long used Google Sites to create ePortfolios.  The "classic" version of Google Sites is scheduled to become "read only" in December 2021.  However, Google offers a convert site service.  If you already have a classic site, you can convert it to a new site without affecting the old if you like.  The "new" sites do not offer a template, but if you are starting from scratch it will probably be easier to begin with the "new" rather than classic.

Recommended Workflow

  1. Install Google Backup and Sync on your computer to make it easier (and safer) to store the files for your ePortfolio and other important documents.  Create folders on Google Drive that will match the DNP template appropriate to your program of study.

    (By using Google Backup and Sync, you can simply save documents to the designated Google Drive folder on your computer and they will automatically be uploaded to your Google Drive folder.  You'll still have to link or embed them into your ePortfolio, but using Google Drive from the start will save you from having to upload while providing all the other benefits of cloud storage.)

  2. Create the structure of a Classic Google Site using the appropriate DNP template.

  3. Go to Google Sites and create a "new" site.

  4. Create "pages" in your site to correspond with the folders in your stored items.  These pages will automatically appear in the navigation menu. 

  5. When you have items for those pages, link or embed the files from your Google Drive.

  6. Important: You must set the sharing permissions in two places: make your Google Site "public" and log into Google Drive and share your DNP folder with "anyone with the link" (do this at the top level folder and it will change permissions on all the subfolders inside).


Classic Sites Instructions

If you create your site in "classic," we recommend you convert and use the "new" site to edit.