female nursing student sitting with her laptop, surrounded by other students with laptops


Is an online program right for me?

Most students who do well in a traditional classroom will also do well in the online environment. That said, computer and study skills are clearly important in successful online learning.

Computer Skills

Do you feel at home on the Internet? 

If you can send and receive e-mail and are comfortable navigating websites and using search engines such as Google, you already have many of the skills needed to succeed in an online class.

Do you have access to a computer with high-speed Internet access? 

If you are able to view YouTube videos smoothly without a long wait, chances are you do. If you do not have high-speed Internet access, you'll need to come to campus where we have computer labs for you or find another place with access where you can work online.

Note: if purchasing a computer, we do not recommend Chromebooks since they can run only web-based applications, not the "full" version of MS Office.  If you only have access to a Chromebook, it may suffice for many of your online assignments.

Are you comfortable using Microsoft Word?

Typed papers and essays are a common part of traditional classes, but are perhaps even more important in online classes.  UTC students are eligible to receive a free copy of MS Office, making collaboration with your classmates and instructors easier.


Computer Repair and Help Resources

We pride ourselves on the technical support we provide our Gateway students. Since a working computer is crucial to your success in our programs, we offer free computer diagnosis and repair (new hardware excepted) for Gateway students. If your computer is not working properly, bring it to our technology coordinator. You may even be eligible for a temporary loaner laptop while your computer is being fixed.

Help Resources

We offer a number of tutorials and "how-to" documents to Gateway students on our Technology Help page.

Study Skills

Our curriculum recognizes that most working nurses are adult learners who are highly motivated and self-directed.

Successful online students are comfortable communicating in writing

You'll have the chance to interact in person with faculty and classmates when we meet on campus, but you'll also be communicating through written materials, online discussions, e-mail, and regular essays or papers.

Successful students are self-motivated, active learners

A flexible schedule does not mean you can procrastinate--you'll need to participate actively several times a week, ideally on a daily basis.

Successful students dedicate time each week for coursework

While online students may avoid the daily commute, their coursework demands the same amount of time or more than traditional classes. Although the schedule is flexible as to when you do the work, you must regularly take part in online discussions and stay on schedule to meet weekly deadlines.

Not Sure?

If you have any questions about the technical skills needed for our program, please contact the Gateway Technology Coordinator:

Rodger Ling