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Student Expenses

Gateway Classes (100% online)

The normal Gateway course load is six hours per semester (except during the one summer session which is 9 hours) for a total of 27 credit hours. Please see the UTC Online and Distance fee schedules distributed by the Bursars Office for current rates. For 2019-20, tuition for six hours is $2,197 for Tennessee residents and $2,353 for out-of-state. In addition, there is a $100/credit hour (or a total of $600 for six hours each semester) Nursing fee.

Other UTC Classes (on-campus)

If you take additional on-campus general education classes at UTC, those will be billed at the regular fee schedule. Your advisor can tell you how many general education classes you will need to earn a BSN.


Some Gateway classes require a textbook, so budget around $200/semester for this expense. Used books, rental textbooks, or e-Book versions can lower your cost.

Helpful Hints

Check with your employer to see if you may be reimbursed for tuition and other expenses. You may also be eligible for Financial Aid.

During the summer semester, you will be taking 9 credit hours rather than 6, so tuition will be greater. You'll want to plan for this expense.