MSN Program Outcomes

Upon the completion of the Master of Science of Nursing program, the graduate:

  1. Synthesizes concepts and theories from nursing and related sciences into the delivery of advanced nursing care to diverse groups. (Essential I, Essential IX)

  2. Understands how healthcare delivery systems are organized and financed, the impact of healthcare delivery systems on patient care, and identify economic, legal, and political factors that influence healthcare. (Essential II, Essential VI)

  3. Promotes a professional environment that includes accountability, high-level communication skills, advocacy for patients, and abilities to analyze information regarding quality initiatives for improvement of patient care across nursing and interprofessional teams. (Essential III, Essential VII)

  4. Integrates theory, evidence, clinical judgment, research, practice guidelines and translational processes to improve practice and patient outcomes. (Essential I, Essential IV, Essential V, Essential VIII)

  5. Examines impact of national and state policy, legal, and regulatory processes on nursing practice and population or patient health outcomes. (Essential VI)

  6. Advocates for the value and role of the profession nurse while employing collaborative strategies in the design, coordination, and evaluation of patient-centered care. (Essential VII)

  7. Synthesizes social determinants of health and research data to design and deliver evidence-based, culturally relevant clinical interventions and strategies. (Essential III, Essential IV, Essential VIII, Essential IX)

  8. Incorporates the best available evidence from nursing and related sciences to build a foundation for practice. (Essential I, Essential IV, Essential IX)

  9. Includes core scientific and ethical principles in identifying potential and actual ethical issues arising from practice to assist patients and members of the health care team to address these issues. (Essential II, Essential VI, Essential VII)

  10. For Advanced Practice Registered Nurse MSN: Demonstrates the ability to assess, diagnose, plan, intervene, evaluate, and revise patient care to positively impact health outcomes using advanced knowledge in health assessment, pharmacology, pathophysiology, cultural competency, organizations and systems theories, communication, healthcare policy, advocacy, and inter-professional practice. (Essential I, Essential VIII, Essential IX)