Post-Masters Certificate in Academic Nursing Education

This certificate is built upon the student’s prior graduate course work and will assist those who are interested in pursuing careers as nursing faculty. The program is primarily online and takes three semesters to complete. Upon completion of 15 credit hours, a certificate in Academic Nursing Education (ANE) will be awarded.

Benefits of the ANE Certificate Program:

  • Flexible Post-Masters Academic Nurse Educator (ANE) Certificate program.

  • Four online courses each offered in seven weeks over three consecutive semesters.

  • Culminating practicum with flexibility to complete in your geographical area.

Learn Concepts Related to:

  • foundations of nursing education

  • teaching strategies

  • tests, measurement and evaluation

  • curriculum development

  • practicum experience over 15 weeks in academic nurse educator role

Admission Requirements

Apply by March 25 to begin classes the following May. 

Students admitted to the program will be required to meet the admission standards of both the UTC Graduate School and the School of Nursing. Applicants must hold a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or higher degree.

  1. First, apply online to the Graduate School. Click the button below and follow the instructions under the “Graduate Student” section. Please ensure all transcripts and GRE or MAT scores are sent to the Graduate School. 

    Apply to the Graduate School

  2. Next, submit an online application to the School of Nursing.

    Apply to the School of Nursing 

Program of Study

Foundations of Academic Nursing Education (NURS 5200) is must be taken first as a prerequisite for the rest of the program. The Teaching Practicum (NURS 5250) is the final course and is required to be taken last. 

The program is a total of 15 credit hours:


NURS 5200 – Foundations of Academic Nursing Education (3 hours)
NURS 5220 – Teaching to Facilitate Learning in Academic Nursing Education (3 hours)


NURS 5240 - Outcome Measurement in Academic Nursing Education (3 hours)
NURS 5210 - Curriculum Development in Nursing Education (3 hours)


NURS 5250 - Teaching Practicum (3 hours)


Based on 2019-20, the cost of the program for in-state students is estimated to be $3,247 for each of the first two semesters (6 credit hours) and $1,636 for the final semester (3 hours). The cost for out-of-state students will be $3,529 and $1,777, respectively. Fees may increase; this is only an estimate. See the UTC Bursar Distance and Online Fee Schedule for the latest information.

Questions? Contact Us!

Please email us at or call 423-425-4659 to reach the Coordinator of the program, Cherry Guinn, EdD, MSN, RN. Let us know how we can help you take the next step in your career as a nurse educator!