nursing student with professor working at the foot clinic


DNP: Practice Roles

The DNP: Nursing offers opportunities for the advanced practice nurse already in a direct practice role (nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, clinical nurse specialist, nurse midwife) as well as those already in an indirect practice role (nursing administration). The DNP: Nursing Administration Systems offers an indirect tract for the BSN graduate looking for a career in an indirect practice role in nursing administration.

Direct Practice Role

The direct practice role encompasses advanced practice nurses in direct patient care such as family nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, certified nurse midwives, and/or clinical nurse specialists. The DNP: Nursing allows those already practicing in these roles with current licensure and certification through the appropriate organizations to complete the program with a translational project focusing in direct patient care. The student will be expected to complete clinical experience hours in addition to hours earned during his/her master's level study (up to 500 Master's verified clinical hours are allowed towards the minimum 1,000 hours for the DNP).

Indirect Practice Role

For the DNP: Nursing, the indirect practice role defines MSN graduates who are not in direct patient care settings such as nursing administration. Those practicing in this role with an MSN already are able to complete the DNP: Nursing. The translational project for those in the indirect role will relate to the student's area of expertise in the indirect role. The student entering in this role will be expected to complete the DNP with 1,000 hours of mandated clinical experience.

Nurses with a BSN interested in completing their doctoral degree in an indirect practice role are eligible for the DNP: Nursing Administration Systems program. Students must complete core DNP coursework as well as specialty coursework and requirements. Students must complete a minimum of 1,000 hours of clinical experience in the indirect practice setting.