Stethoscope  ROTC and Nursing

The School of Nursing partners with the ROTC program to provide a wonderful opportunity to a nursing student who would like to begin a career in the Army.

The position is for a guaranteed ROTC seat (one per academic year) in the UTC Nursing Program. The successful applicant will be accepted into the School of Nursing as a Freshman and complete a 8 semester course of instruction. To be eligible for this position students must meet both the School of Nursing and ROTC criteria.


The Criteria for ROTC:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen.

  • Have no prior civil convictions.

  • Be physically qualified and pass a Department of Defense Medical Evaluation Board.

  • Be in good academic standing with UTC.

The Criteria for the School of Nursing for the ROTC Nursing Candidate:

  • Maintain above a 3.0 Cumulative GPA.

  • Receive a minimum of a “C” in every required science course on the first attempt.

  • The seat is available immediately to one qualified applicant per year.

Students interested in this opportunity should contact the Department of Military Science and Leadership at (423) 425-5589.  For more information on the UTC ROTC program and scholarships available, please visit their website.