Reflective Essay Instructions for the BSN Application

Students applying for admission to the School of Nursing must interview a BSN or higher Registered Nurse. If a student does not know a BSN Registered Nurse a list is available from April Anderson,
Students should use the questions below for the interview and then write-up the answers to the
questions. Students may ask questions in addition to the ones below but should keep the
interview limited to no more than one hour. You may paraphrase your questions anyway you
wish, but you need to find out:

  1. What made this nurse choose nursing?
  2. What was nursing school like for him or her? (Ask for some stories about specific experiences s/he remembers).
  3. Ask for two or three stories about patients this nurse remembers vividly. What made these patients so memorable?
  4. What is the absolute best thing about being a nurse?
  5. What is the hardest thing about being a nurse?
  6. Reflect and discuss what your thoughts were about the interview. Did the interview change your perspective on nursing?

Be sure to ask your nurse for specific instances or stories. Please do not use any identifying
information about the patients discussed during the interview in your essay. Each answer to the
above questions may have no more than 2000 characters.

Students must be admitted to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to be eligible to apply for admission to the School of Nursing.