Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to register for New Student Orientation?

Yes! All undergraduate freshmen and transfer students starting their journey at UTC this fall must register for Orientation. If you have already registered for a session, you do not need to register again.


If I already registered for Orientation, do I need to register again for New Student Orientation?

No. Students will only need to register one time. If you have already registered, you will receive an updated confirmation email with any changes that have been made to your session.


Do I need to be accepted to UTC before I register for New Student Orientation?

Yes. Only undergraduate students that have been accepted for the fall semester can register for New Student Orientation at this time. If you need to apply or check your status, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at


Is there a fee for New Student Orientation?

Yes there is a one time fee for orientation. It is $100 for first year students and $50 for transfer students.


What does my New Student Orientation fee cover?

Your fee covers the cost of programming, materials, mailings and food.


If I already paid for Orientation, will I receive a refund?

The fee that you already paid for you students Orientation will roll to the updated Orientation.  The fee will cover mailing programming, food and materials for all parts of the Orientation program. We have made the decision to refund all parent & guest fees Orientation registration fee. We are working through how to best issue these refunds and will be in touch as soon as details are worked out. 


What if I am having trouble accessing the Orientation registration portal?

Please reach out to our office email or call our office at (423) 425-5220.


How do I cancel my orientation?

Please reach out to our office email


What if I cannot pay for Orientation at this time?

If you are currently unable to pay for your session, please email our office directly at


Step 1: Mocs Box

What is a Mocs Box?

Students will receive a box filled with information, resources and goodies that will help make them successful at UTC.


What address will be used for mailings?

We will use the mailing address you have provided to Admissions. If you need to update your address, please do so by logging back into your MyMocsNet account .


When will my Mocs Box be shipped?

Students should receive their Mocs Box 1-2 weeks before your scheduled orientation session. Please know that if you register for a session within 7 days before the date, your box may be delayed.


Step 2: Online Orientation Modules

When can I access the Online Orientation modules?

Once registered, all students will be able to access the Online Orientation modules during the first week of June.


Do I need to complete the online orientation modules before my advisement appointment?

Yes, all students should complete their online orientation modules before your scheduled virtual advisement. There will be valuable information covered in the modules that will help students understand their schedule and the registration process.


Step 3: Virtual Advising

How do I schedule my online advisement appointment?

A UTC advisor will email your UTC email address with specific instructions for scheduling your advisement appointment at least 1 week before your registered orientation session.


What do I need for my individual advisement appointment?

You will need a device that you can run Zoom on. You will also need internet/wifi as well as your pre-registered schedule that was mailed to you in your Mocs Box. It is recommended to use either a laptop or desktop for your advisement appointment. Additionally, we recommend finding a quiet place or utilizing headphones.


What is Zoom? How do I download it?

Zoom is a free virtual video/chat software that will allow you to talk with and participate in your virtual advising session. You will need to download Zoom prior to your virtual advising appointment.

Here is the link for Zoom!


How do I reschedule my Virtual Advising appointment?

You may respond to your advisor directly through email to reschedule your individual advising appointment or you may contact the Center for Academic support and Advisement at (423) 425-4573.  If you need to reschedule your New Student Orientation, please contact the Orientation Office at (423) 425-5220 or by email at


Why is my freshman online advisement 2 days?

This is to closely mimic our traditional on campus sessions. Academic departments will utilize both days for 1 on 1 advising appointments. Howe

specific online programming for both of those days will be determined by the academic departments. Additionally, departments and areas that are typically a part of the traditional Orientation may offer other online and virtual chats and resources during the 2-day sessions.


How much time should I set aside for this part of Orientation?

You should initially have your schedule cleared for the date you have selected. For freshmen, this is similar to if you were attending a traditional 2-day orientation. Transfer students will need to block out the 1 day for their session. As your session gets closer, you will likely find that you will not be online for the entirety of your session’s date. If you need to change your date, please contact our office at


What if I do not have internet access?

Please contact our office at


How long will my advising appointment last?

Appointments will last approximately 20 minutes depending on the college and specific degree requirements for your major. Students will have access to a presentation or video from their college that should be viewed prior to their virtual advising appointment.


Can I have a family member or guest with me during the virtual advising appointment?

At UTC, we appreciate the value of family and parental involvement in their students' education. We encourage families to be involved and to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. During the virtual advising session, we ask that students be left to hold their advising session one-on-one.

We ask this for two critical reasons:

Student relationships with their advisors are often the most important academic relationship during their first two years of college. Since we cannot meet in person, it is important that the students and advisor have this time to get to know one another.

Having your students share with you what they learned in their advising session helps them reinforce that information and provides a chance to identify additional questions. It will also help you begin the process of having productive conversations with your student about their academic experience.

If the student or parent has questions about the course schedule after the virtually advising appointment has ended, you may contact the Center for Academic Support and Advisement at (423) 425-4573 or by email at

You may also contact the Orientation Office at (423) 425-5220 or


Step 4: Campus Orientation

Who attends the Campus Orientation?

Campus Orientation will have required programming for all incoming freshmen and offer optional programming available for transfer students.


When does Campus Orientation start?

We anticipate that campus Orientation will begin on the evening of August 13th and go through August 14th. Please make sure and check your UTC email account throughout the summer, as this is how we will communicate with you.


Is Campus Orientation required?

During the on-campus campus orientation we will cover important topics that are essential for new students. All freshman students are required to attend the on-campus Orientation sessions in August.


Is there a separate fee for the on-campus Orientation?

No, the fee paid for freshman Orientation includes all activities and programming for both the online and on-campus Orientation.

Families & Guests


Will there be any Orientation activities for Parent & Guests?

We will be publishing online resources to help parents and family members navigate the enrollment process. On the days of your students 2-day Orientation session we plan to host virtual chats for parents and family members. In addition, we hope that we will be able to plan on campus sessions for parents & families in August. We will be back in touch with information on how parents and guests can register for any on-campus sessions as soon as it becomes available. Students are still able to add guests to their orientation registration at no cost.  We will use this contact information to communicate resources and any upcoming events to parents and family members.


I am already registered as a guest. Do I need to register again to be a guest for New Student Orientation?

If you are already registered as a guest, then you do not need to register again. We will be in contact with updates to your guest orientation programming. Students are still able to add guests to their orientation registration at no cost.  We will use this contact information to communicate resources and any upcoming events to parents and family members.


How do I check if my student has added me as a guest?

Your student can check by logging into their registration and selecting the “Guest” section. You can also reach out to our office and we are happy to check. We can be reached via email at or you can call our office at (423) 425-5220.


How do I cancel my guest registration but not my student’s registration?

We have made the decision to refund all parent & guest Orientation registration fees. We are working through how to best issue these refunds and will be in touch as soon as details are worked out. 

If you no longer wish to receive email communication from our office, to please email us at and please include your student’s UTC ID.