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Training and Video Tutorials

Training and Video Tutorials

Logging into MyMocsNet

MyMocsNet portal graphic Access the UTC web site using a university-supported web browser. On a PC: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari; on a Mac: Firefox and Safari.

Click on the MyMocsNet graphic on the right side of the homepage to access the login page.

Login with username and passwordFill in the username and password fields using your UTC ID and the password you already use to access campus services, such as email and registration.

Now click "Go".

After logging into MyMocsNet, you won't have to login to most other services again, such as campus email and UTC Online - which you can access in the top right corner of the portal.

Note: If the existing password used with your UTC ID does not work, you probably need to change your password in order to access MyMocsNet for the first time. If you forgot your password, you can also set a new password.

Navigating MyMocsNet

Channels and TabsThe MyMocsNet portal presents students, faculty and staff with information customized to their specific role at UTC. For example, current students will see different information than freshman students. And faculty won't see information that pertains only to students. The new portal is designed to make everyone's experience with online services and information as easy as possible.

All of the content in MyMocsNet is organized by topics that you navigate by selecting Tabs. The tabs are contain related information organized into boxes called Channels.

[In the image at left, "Money" and "Campus Life" are tabs and "Summer Business" is a channel.]

Home tab and Personal Announcements channelWhen your login to MyMocsNet is complete, you will arrive at the portal's Home tab, containing channels that deliver you personal and community announcements, campus events, and other important information.

It is important you pay close attention to the Personal Announcements channel - it is where you will receive important announcements (similar to emails) from the Records office and other departments who have critical information to share with you.

Student tabs The Academics tab contains your class schedule, your grades, registration tools and other academic resources.

The Services tab contains information on health, career services, housing and other campus services for students.

The Money tab contains your account information, financial aid and scholarship information, as well as information on other money matters.

The Campus Life tab contains information on student media, athletics, campus recreation and other topics related to campus life.