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The Department of Music offers a Master of Music degree with concentrations in music education and performance.

The Master of Music Education program leads to an MM Ed degree with a concentration in Vocal or Instrumental Music Education, or in Kodaly Studies. The music education concentration prepares graduates for further studies in music education, leading to the doctorate. In addition, the improved skills and competencies provided by the degree qualify graduates for increased compensation as professional music specialists in public education.

The Master of Music Performance program leads to an MM degree with a concentration in Vocal or Instrumental Performance, or in Vocal or Instrumental Conducting. The performance concentration prepares a student for doctoral work. Additionally, the master's degree in performance is often viewed as a terminal degree. This places the graduate in a pool of professionals eligible for appointment at colleges and universities. Finally, the degree is a credential for private studio teaching and public performance.

Graduates of the music education concentration are music specialists in local and regional public schools or are pursuing doctoral studies at major institutions, such as The University of South Carolina and the University of North Carolina - Greensboro. Many graduates of the performance concentration are currently members of the faculties of regional universities, such as the University of North Carolina and private universities such as Lee and Bryan. Others perform regularly with regional professional organizations, have successful teaching studios, or are pursuing doctoral studies at major universities such as the University of Alabama and Florida State University.

Typical Program

The program of study is planned by the student in consultation with his or her graduate advisory committee. A typical program would include the following:

  • 15 hours Core courses
  • 12 hours Concentration
  • 5 hours Electives
  • 1-3 hours Thesis, recital, or project
  • ==========================
  • 33 hours = Total (minimum)

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Applicants must:

  • Meet all admission requirements of the UTC Graduate School
  • Hold a baccalaureate degree in music from a regionally accredited college or university, or the equivalent of minor in music.
  • If applying for the graduate degree in music education, you must hold a degree in music educstion from a regionally accredited college or university, or a professional teacher certificate. Alternately, it is possible to complete teacher licensure requirements simultaneously withe the degree program.
  • Applicants for the performance concentration must audition for Music Department jury for placement at the appropriate level of applied music study. Applicants for the education concentration may audition for placement in 5000-level applied study.
  • All candidates must take the placement examinations in music theory and writing proficiency. Students whose scores are not acceptable may be required to complete remedial coursework.