Graduate Music Program


Facilities and Equipment


Scores, books, and recordings are housed in the Lupton Library.  Recordings are available for limited circulation.  Contact the Library for hours of operation.


The Technology Center is housed in Fine Arts 307.  It includes ten (10) stations, each equipped with a Macintosh or Dell computer, CD-Rom player, color monitor, and MIDI keyboard or synthesizer. All stations are networked with a laser printer.  Students are required to supply their own headphones when working in the Lab.  Students must supply their own floppy discs for storing their work.  Work may not be saved on the hard drives in the Lab.

Hours of operation for the Computer Lab are posted on the door of FAC 307.  Student assistance will be available on a limited basis.  Any software or hardware problems should be reported to Dr. McNair or to the Music Office as soon as possible.


Student use of the Roland Hayes Concert Hall, Patten Chapel and Cadek Recital Hall must be approved by the Department Head, and requires written endorsement of the applied instructor or other faculty member.  Students are not permitted to use the recital hall without authorization.



  1. All events and rehearsals must be reserved through the Music Department office.
  2. No rehearsals or events can be held unless the hall is reserved and a faculty member or stage crew member is present.
  3. Stage crew members are not allowed to let anyone in the hall unless it is reserved.
  4. All events must be on the books at least two weeks before the date of the event.


  1. Please be on time to a rehearsal.
  2. If you are more than 20 minutes late to a rehearsal and have not called, the stage crew member will lock the hall and leave.
  3. Rehearsals will run only as long as the time reserved on the calendar.   Do not ask stage crew members to stay late.
  4. Any  special  considerations  for  the  rehearsal  (shells,  piano,  extra  stands,  sound equipment) need to be submitted, in writing, to the Music Office at least one week before the rehearsal.     


  1. Please arrive at the time for which you have booked the hall.
  2. Any special considerations for an event (shells, piano, extra stands, sound equipment) must be submitted, in writing, to the Music Office no later than one week before the event scheduled.
  3. All events must end by 11 p.m.


  1. Receptions  do  not  fall  under  the  responsibility  of  stage  crew.  They  must  be scheduled with Aramark Food Services prior to the recital (425-4200).
  2. Remember to take everything with you.  Anything left on the stage after an event will be thrown away.
  3. The stage crew is not responsible for set up or tear down of a rehearsal space other than the Roland Hayes Concert Hall, Cadek Recital Hall or a university- approved performance venue.  If you use another room and move anything, you must reset it after the rehearsal or event.


Practice rooms should be reserved for student use via the weekly schedule posted on each door.  Percussion students should contact Dr. Coulter to arrange for practice facilities.  Organ students should contact Dr. Worcester Jones to arrange for practice facilities.  Students who have difficulty securing adequate practice time should consult with the Music Department Head. Piano majors and students approved by Dr. Worcester Jones may obtain a practice room key from the Music Office.

The Fine Arts Center hours are 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM on weekdays, 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM on weekends.  When the University is in session, music majors desiring to use practice facilities during times when the Fine Arts Center is normally closed should contact Campus Police for access.  Only students on the approved Music Department access list will be admitted.  Students are not permitted to teach private lessons in the practice rooms.


Students using University-owned instruments in ensembles, methods, or applied study are responsible for their maintenance and safe return.  Instruments are assigned by faculty members of appropriate ensembles/classes.

If an instrument or other equipment checked out to a student is lost or damaged, the student is responsible for its replacement or repair and his/her UTC account will have a hold placed on it for the required amount.  This includes sheet music, parts, scores and choral octavos issued to students.

Piano, computer, or audio equipment maintenance requests should be submitted to the Music Office.


A limited number of instrument lockers are available for student use.  Students in need of a locker may obtain an application in the Music Office.  Assignments will be made each fall by the Department Head.  Students will be notified of their locker assignments no later than the end of the first full week of classes.  If a locker becomes available during the year, the Department Head will assign the locker to a new occupant based upon applications already received.

Locks are provided by the Music Department.  Locks and contents of lockers must be removed no later than the Friday prior to Commencement (Graduation).  Students graduating in December must vacate their lockers before the Monday following Commencement.  After these deadlines, lockers will be opened and contents disposed.


Information concerning Division Juries, Seminars, and general notices will be posted outside the Music Office, FAC 308.  Bulletin boards on the first floor of the Fine Arts Center provide space for student and faculty announcements and notices of upcoming concerts and recitals.  Students wishing to post notices on these boards should obtain permission from the Music Office.  Posting of notices is not permitted on walls, windows, or doors in the Music Office or in the halls.