Graduate Music Program


Financial Aid

Financial aid for graduate studies can be a challenge, especially in the arts.  There are several on-campus sources for grants but you should also do some searching off campus.  If you are employed as a teacher, many times there are continuing education funds through your system that might be available.  If you are a church musician your local church or your denomination's governing organization may be a source of funding.  Treat the search for financial aid as a job in itself.  The deeper you look, the more likely you will be to find a hidden grant.



Performance grants are primarily for undergraduate students but they are available to entering and continuing graduate music students as well.  Grants are renewable each semester if performance grant continuation standards have been satisfied (see below).  It is the responsibility of the recipient to understand and comply with these standards.  Participation in a major ensemble and applied study is required.  Auditions for the following academic year are held in February.  Current students should audition for a performance grant on the fall semester end jury. 

Dates, procedures and literature suggestions for auditions along with the online registration are located at the web address linked here.

Performance Grant Continuation Standards – Graduate Students

Performance grant continuation is based upon, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  1. A minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4-point scale).
  2. A course load of at least 6 graduate credit hours.
  3. A semester grade of “A” in the major ensemble(s).
  4. A semester grade of “B” or higher in applied study.
  5. Compliance with the guidelines set forth in the Graduate Music Student Handbook.

Verification that Continuation Standards for the current semester have been met will be accomplished twice each semester: 1) after the first full week of classes; 2) between the release of final grades and the beginning of the next semester.  Students who fail to comply with the Continuation Standards will have their performance grants cancelled.  If Continuation Standards are met, the performance grant may be automatically renewed for up to three years, under the period defined in the Performance Grant Contract.

A performance grant may be cancelled at any time during the semester at the discretion of the Department Head.


The Music Department currently awards two one-half graduate assistantships each year, funded by the Graduate School.  Each half assistantship waives 6 hours of graduate tuition and provides the student with a stipend of $1,375 per semester. In exchange, the graduate assistant is given a 10-hour per week work assignment in the Music Department.

Assistantships are typically held for two years.  Students interested in a graduate assistantship should complete an application form available from the Graduate School website.

Other Financial Aid for Graduate Students

The Graduate School lists a page of financial aid for graduate students.

The UTC Financial Aid office also maintains a list of grants.