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Required Textbooks for Kodály Courses

Kodály Level I (MUS 4300/5300)

  • 150 American Folk Songs to sing, read & play, edited by Peter Erdei. Boosey & Hawkes ISBN 0913932043. $23.00.
  • Folk Song Sight-Singing Series: Books II and VIII, by Crowe, Lawton, & Whittaker. Oxford University Press ISBN Book II: 9780193851610, ISBN Book VIII: 9780195365597. $6.50 each
  • Sail Away: 155 American Folk Songs, edited by Eleanor Locke. Boosey & Hawkes ISBN 9790051806805. $33.00


Kodály Level II (MUS 5310)

All books required for Level I, plus the following:

  • An American Methodology: An Inclusive Approach to Music Literacy, 2nd edition, by Ann Eisen and Lamar Robertson. Sneaky Snake Publications ISBN 9781889967127. $75.00
  • My Singing Bird, edited by Ida Erdei, Faith Knowles and Denise Bacon. Kodály Center of America ISBN 0935432108. $45.00.
  • Folk Song Sight-Singing Series: Books III, VI, and IX by Crowe, Lawton, & Whittaker. Oxford University Press ISBN Bk. III: 9780193853201, $6.50. ISBN Bk. VI: 9780193853195, $6.50. ISBN Bk. IX: 9780193853904, $6.50.
  • Classical Canons, by Laszlo Agocsy, Antal Molnar. Editio Musica: Budapest ISBN 9790080125816. $17.00


Kodály Level III (MUS 5320)

All books required for Levels I and II, plus the following:

  • 150 Rounds for Singing and Teaching, by Bolkovac and Johnson. Boosey & Hawkes ISBN 9781458411426. $19.00.