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The Kodály Institute@UTC


KIUTC 2018


Levels I, II & III

Endorsed by the Organization of American Kodály Educators

Faculty: Donald Garrett, Susan Garrett, Michael Perryman, Lamar Robertson, Karen Shuford, Lee Harris

Zóltan Kodály (1882-1967) was a Hungarian composer, musicologist and educator whose philosophy and writings are the basis for the Kodály approach to music education. Kodály Levels I, II and III provide an in-depth study of the Kodály approach to music education. These courses are designed to strengthen the teacher’s musicianship while providing songs, techniques, materials, and activities that are used in the classroom. Each day will feature classes in solfege, methodology, folk song collection and analysis, conducting and choral ensemble. Demonstration classes with children will be taught by Kodály faculty members in the afternoons, providing you an opportunity to see the approach in action.

Participants who have completed a Level I course at an approved institution may enroll in Level II. Level II graduates are eligible for participation in the Level III course. A limited number of scholarships are available to participants. For information, contact Lee Harris, KIUTC Director.

Course Enrollment

You may enroll either for the workshop (non-credit) or for academic credit. The non-credit workshop registration is handled by UTC Center for Professional Education. The workshop fee is $600.

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Academic Credit and Fees

Undergraduate or graduate credit is available for Level I. Levels II and III may be taken for graduate credit only. You must be admitted to UTC and pay university fees.

MUS 4300
Kodály Level I (3 hours)
$1,267.00 $3,283.00 $1,771.00
MUS 5300
Kodály Level I (3 hours)
$1,792.00 $4,113.00 $2,464.00
MUS 5310
Kodály Level II (3 hours)
$1,792.00 $4,113.00 $2,464.00
MUS 5320
Kodály Level III (3 hours)
$1,792.00 $4,113.00 $2,464.00


*Regional Tuition Rate

Residents of northeast Alabama and north Georgia may qualify for regional tuition rates.

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Campus housing is available during the Institute.  The cost is $25.00 per night.  Contact Diane Perkins at the Center for Professional Education to reserve a room (423-425-4344).




The Southeast Chapter of Kodály Educators offers the Helen Bryan, Jay Craven, and Mary Ann Lowe Memorial Scholarships to students attending the Kodály Institute at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Helen Bryan founded the Chattanooga Education in the Musical Arts Association, a non-profit organization which enabled many music educators to be trained in the Kodály approach locally, at national Kodály training centers and in Hungary. Her pioneering work led to the establishment of the Kodály Institute at UTC.  Jay Craven was the former Supervisor of Music for the Chattanooga City Schools and instrumental in supporting professional development for music educators in the Kodály approach. Mary Ann Lowe was a Kodály-trained teacher in the Chattanooga Public Schools for many years.  Both Mr. Craven and Ms. Lowe were elected to the Tennessee Music Education Hall of Fame. 

Scholarships will be applied to the course fee. Recipients are responsible for the balance of the fee and the purchase of all necessary books and materials.

Applicants for the scholarships must submit a letter of application to Dr. Lee Harris, Coordinator of Music Education and Director of the Kodály Institute at UTC. The application should address the applicant's current teaching position, experience with the Kodály approach, and commitment to incorporating the Kodály concept in the classroom. Applicants for Level II or III scholarships must have completed the appropriate prerequisite courses at an approved Kodály training institution and should state so in the letter. Applications may be sent electronically as well as by post.

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of need, appropriate qualifications and evidence of commitment to Kodály-based music education.

Dr. Lee Harris
Performing Arts - Music 1451
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
615 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37403-2598

Office: 423-425-5242

Textbooks for Kodály Institute

Kodály Level I

  • 150 American Folk Songs to sing, read & play, edited by Peter Erdei. Boosey & Hawkes ISBN 0913932043. $23.00.
  • Folk Song Sight-Singing Series: Books II and VIII, by Crowe, Lawton, & Whittaker. Oxford University Press ISBN Book II: 9780193851610, ISBN Book VIII: 9780195365597. $6.50 each
  • Sail Away: 155 American Folk Songs, edited by Eleanor Locke. Boosey & Hawkes ISBN 9790051806805. $33.00

Kodály Level II

All books used in Level I, plus the following:
  • An American Methodology: An Inclusive Approach to Music Literacy, 2nd edition, by Ann Eisen and Lamar Robertson. Sneaky Snake Publications ISBN 9781889967127. $75.00
  • My Singing Bird, edited by Ida Erdei, Faith Knowles and Denise Bacon. Kodály Center of America ISBN 0935432108. $45.00.
  • Folk Song Sight-Singing Series: Books III, VI, and IX by Crowe, Lawton, & Whittaker. Oxford University Press ISBN Bk. III: 9780193853201, $6.50. ISBN Bk. VI: 9780193853195, $6.50. ISBN Bk. IX: 9780193853904, $6.50.
  • Classical Canons, by Laszlo Agocsy, Antal Molnar. Editio Musica: Budapest ISBN 9790080125816. $17.00

Kodály Level III

All books used in Levels I and II, plus the following:
  • 150 Rounds for Singing and Teaching, by Bolkovac and Johnson. Boosey & Hawkes ISBN 9781458411426. $19.00.