(MUS 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000)

Enrollment in Music Seminar is required of all music majors each semester of residence.  For graduation, majors must have completed a minimum of 8 semesters with a grade of “Satisfactory” (7 semesters for Music Education majors).  Seminar will meet most Thursdays at 1:40 – 2:50.  Notices of each Seminar will be posted on the bulletin board outside FAC 308.  Students should avoid conflicts with other courses outside the Music Department.  

Course numbers for Seminar correspond to the year of study:

Music 1000 Freshman year
Music 2000 Sophomore year
Music 3000 Junior year
Music 4000 Senior year

Students who have accumulated more than two (2) absences in a semester will earn a grade of “No Credit” for that semester.  Students who fail to attend the required number of concerts each semester will also receive a “No Credit.”  Any music major who earns a “No Credit” while holding a performance grant scholarship will lose the performance grant.  Students with attendance difficulties should contact the Department Head.   A Seminar syllabus is included on pages 21-22.


Music majors are required to perform during Seminar on their primary performing medium, with the possible exception of the freshman year.  Exceptions will be determined by the applied instructor.  Students planning a Seminar performance must receive endorsement of their applied instructor, and submit a completed Seminar form to the Music Office at least one week prior to the requested performance date.  The form is on the web site.  A sample form is included in the Appendices section.

B.A. Music once each year
B.M. Music Ed. once each year
B.M. Performance   once each semester
B.M. Theory/Composition  once each year