The purposes of the faculty Division Jury are:

  1. To evaluate the qualifications of students seeking admission to 4000 level (upper level) or 5000 level (graduate) applied study; to approve or deny such applications
  2. To evaluate the preparedness of all junior, senior, and graduate recitals; to authorize the presentation of such recitals as scheduled.
  3. To consider applications for primary applied credit by students who have completed secondary applied study (with Semester End Jury): to determine how much credit, if any, will be awarded.  


The Division Jury is comprised of Dr. Nikolasa Tejero (Chair), Dr. Craig Davis, Dr. Jonathan McNair, Dr. Jocelyn Sanders, Dr. Erika Schafer, Dr. Rebecca St. Goar, and Dr. Lynn Worcester.



A student planning a Division Jury hearing should submit five (5) completed copies of the Division Jury form to the Music Office and register for a jury time on the schedule posted outside the Music Office.  This must be accomplished no later than one week before the selected Division Jury date.  A copy of the Division Jury form is included in the Appendices section of this Handbook.

Entry to 4000 Level Study

  • A student may apply for 4000 level status in the semester during which he/she is registered for his/her sixteenth hour of 2000 level applied instruction.
  • A transfer student (or a UTC student who has changed majors) who has not completed sixteen hours of applied instruction, but who has completed four semesters of study, may apply for 4000 level status.  The Jury may grant credit by examination for all or part of the credit hours necessary to total sixteen hours of applied instruction.
  • Students auditioning for the Division Jury for the purpose of advancement to the 4000 level in applied music should prepare, at a minimum, the following:
    1.  Three selections from the standard repertoire for the instrument or voice representing various styles, languages and tempi.
    2. The student must arrange for a suitable accompanist.  In cases where providing an accompanist is impractical, the student must inform the Music Office at least two weeks prior to the jury.
    3. Normally, students appearing before the Division Jury are represented at the audition by their applied instructor.  It is strongly recommended that all applications for 4000 level status seek the counsel of UTC faculty regarding their audition program.
    4. The student applying for advancement to 4000 level status must include a comprehensive repertoire list to accompany the completed Division Jury form.

Pre-Recital Hearing

  1. Pre-Recital Hearings must occur no fewer than three weeks prior to the recital date.
  2. The student should be prepared to perform the recital in its entirety.  The Division Jury may select works to be performed for the Jury.
  3. The student must prepare a copy of the formatted, complete recital program to accompany the Division Jury form.
  4. If the recital is not approved, the Jury may make recommendations to the student concerning programming, the performance date, or a second hearing.
  5. Should a change in the program occur, a new hearing will be required.
  6. The Jury may consider applications for 4000 level status and Junior pre-recital hearings simultaneously, provided that the student is registered for the sixteenth hour of 2000 level applied instruction and the proposed recital program is submitted.
  7. A pre-recital hearing will not be approved if the student has not been admitted to the appropriate applied level: 3000-level for Music Education and Theory/Composition majors; 4000-level for Performance majors (Senior Recital).

Entry to 5000 Level (Graduate Level) Study

  1. The Jury may consider applications for 5000 level status and Senior pre-recital hearings simultaneously.  This is recommended for students who will pursue graduate study at UTC.
  2. 5000 level status will not be granted if the senior recital is not approved.
  3. The student applying for admission to 5000 level status must include a comprehensive repertoire list to accompany the completed Division Jury form.


Division Jury auditions are scheduled for the Fridays before classes begin in the fall and spring semesters, on selected Thursday afternoons during the semester, and on Tuesday afternoons at the end of the semester designated as Reading Days.  The schedule is posted on the department web site and on the bulletin board outside the Music Office.