Scheduling Calendar

The customizable calendar below shows events scheduled or requested by the Music Dept. and Cadek faculty which will occur in Roland Hayes, Cadek Recital Hall, Patten Chapel, selected classrooms/rehearsal spaces, and a few off-campus events. It is as accurate as the information I currently have. It does NOT list all music classes. DO NOT ASSUME THAT BECAUSE THERE SEEMS TO BE NOTHING HAPPENING AT A GIVEN PLACE AND TIME THAT THE SPACE IS FREE OR THAT YOU CAN USE IT. ALL EVENTS MUST BE SCHEDULED THROUGH THE MUSIC OFFICE!

The calendar is actually a feed coming from several calendars. You may choose to look at just a single calendar to make it easier to read. The options are:

  • Roland Hayes (in gold)
  • Cadek Recital Hall (in purple)
  • Off-Campus Events (in green - may not be complete)
  • Rehearsal Spaces (in red - includes FAC 210, 203, Band Room, Dressing Room, Cadek 310 and possibly other rooms)
  • UTC announced closing dates (in blue)
  • US Holidays (in pink)


To limit number of calendars you see

  • Click the down arrow next to Agenda on the upper right corner of the calendar.
  • Uncheck any calendars you are not interested in viewing

To change view from the default day view, click the week, month, or agenda tab.

To Schedule An Event

Please send an email to Marion Perkins with the dates and times you are requesting, the venues you require, the name of the event, and any details that might be pertinent to the request.