Cadek Scheduling Calendar

The calendar below shows scheduled events for Cadek Recital Hall by Cadek and Music Department events. While every effort is made to keep the calendar current, there may be events which have been scheduled but which do not yet appear on this calendar. JUST BECAUSE THE HALL APPEARS TO BE UNSCHEDULED DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT CAN BE USED!


To change view from the default day view, click the week, month, or agenda tab.

To Schedule An Event:

Please send an email to Marion Perkins with the dates and times you are requesting, the name of the event, and any details that might be pertinent to the request. Please specify if you will be holding a reception. Please include time for setup and tear down. You may call Marion at 423-425-4645 or email her at to request an event. All reservations must be made a minimum of two week days in advance. No requests will be honored with less than 48 hours until the start of the event.