Language Proficiency Exams

Purpose and effect of the proficiency exam

The proficiency exam is designed for you demonstrate a particular level of fluency in a given language.  Unlike the placement test, based on your results, you can fulfill graduation requirements (either one- or two-year requirements).

Note that you do not receive any credit hours based on your performance of the exam.

How to take a proficiency exam (Spanish & French)

You should first take the placement test which is automated.  If you placed into third semester or higher, you can request to take the proficiency exam.  We will review your placement test responses and, if appropriate, arrange with you to have an oral proficiency interview.  To arrange this, please contact Dr. Stuckwisch for Spanish.  French and Latin proficiency exams are not yet available.

How to take a proficiency exam (All others)

If you wish to demonstate knowledge in any other language, please contact Dr. Davies directly to arrange for testing.  Depending on your situation there are a variety of approaches we may take, including external testing (which require a nominal fee).