Language Placement Tests


Purpose of Placement Tests


A placement test determines which course you should begin your foreign language coursework in.  They do not grant you credit nor fulfill your graduate requirements.  However, if you have a foreign language requirement, placing into a higher course will enable you to fulfill it more quickly.

Based on your results in the placement test, you may be able to take a proficiency exam which does fulfill degree requirements.

How to Take the Placement Test

To take the placement test, you will need to be added to the Canvas course for it.  Just e-mail Matthew Stephen Stuckwisch or Erica Trujillo-Holmes to be added.  

Once you receive and accept the course invitation, carefully read the instructions and take the test.  When you are done, we will review your result and send it to the registrar which will enable you to register for the most appropriate colurse.  Note that it may take up to a week for your score to be reported.