Steps to Start a Registered Student Organization

Starting a student organization may seem intimidating, but we promise you it is not. The steps below will help you understand the process to start a new group. If you have any questions, please reach out to the SGA Parliamentarian - information on the left side bar.


We have a variety of active student organizations. Sometimes what you are looking for is called something a little different from what you may think. Check the Organization Directory to double check a similar group does not already exist. If one exists, you can use that directory to contact the current President to learn how to get involved.

If a group like yours does not already exist, then it's time to start recruiting other current Mocs who may have the same interest as you. You need 4 additional, currently enrolled students to start a organization. Make sure you find people who are committed to helping you start your group and helping it grow.

All registered student organizations are required to have an advisor. For our recognized social fraternities and sororities, this individual can be the chair of their advisory board as deemed by their national or international headquarters and/or a full-time UTC faculty or staff member. Campus Ministry Association member organizations are allowed to have the lead religious official of their affiliate church
serve as their advisor. For all other registered student organizations, the advisor must be a full-time UTC faculty or staff member.

Now that you have starting group and an advisor, it is time to start laying the foundation. You will be asked to attach a copy of your organization's constitution and bylaws to your recognition request. This may sound daunting, but do not fret. Click the link below to view a sample of what we are looking for.

Sample Constitution & Bylaws

If you use our sample, it will speed up your process significantly.

You have put in a lot of hard work and now it is time to submit your request on MocSync. To do this, click the button below. You will be prompted to upload those documents in the form. There are multiple pages and accuracy is CRUCIAL.

Register a New Student Organization

Congratulations! Your registration request has been forwarded to our office. We will take an initial look and then pass it over to the Student Government Association. The request will be reviewed by the SGA Procedures Committee. If there are changes, additions or inaccuracies that need to be corrected with your request, you will be contacted by the SGA Parliamentarian and provided feedback and instructions for correction through your request on MocSync. Once procedures committee has approved your request, it will be voted on in the SGA senate. Once approved by the SGA Senate, our office will be notified and we will send you notification of a successful new registered student organization!

The entire process takes about 3 - 5 weeks from the completion of your form.

If at any point you have questions about where your organization stands in the process, contact the SGA Parliamentarian via the contact information above in the left sidebar.