Cadet Companies 

Crockett's Ranger Company (CRC)

Crockett’s Ranger Company (CRC) conducts additional training with the goal of producing competent combat leaders. Cadets who participate in the Ranger Training Company spend countless hours training on small unit tactics and other advanced military skills. Cadets meet 5 days a week to conduct physical training based on the training program organized by the 75th Ranger Regiment. Cadets also meet most Friday afternoons for training sessions that cover basic military skills such as individual warrior skills to more advanced skills such as reconnaissance and urban operations. Cadets participate in field training once a month that puts the skills learned on campus to use in real world situational training exercises.

Ranger Challenge Team

The Ranger Challenge Team is our competition team that competes against other colleges throughout the nation in events such as: patrolling, marksmanship, weapons assembly, one-rope bridge, grenade assault course, Army Physical Fitness Test, land navigation, and a ten-kilometer road march.

Color Guard

The Color Guard is made up of our drill and ceremony experts who present the colors at events such as football games, special occasions at the local veteran’s cemetery, and various Hamilton County governmental functions.

Ruck Club

Ruck Club is our group that meets once a week to conduct an extra ruck march to improve their overall physical fitness, see more of Chattanooga, and build camaraderie. 

Recruiting Team

The Recruiting Team is composed of our cadet ambassadors that represent our program at public functions across Chattanooga, in local classrooms, and at high profile events on campus.