Math Placement Test for Math 1130/1710/2150


Students who do not have a minimum Math ACT subscore of 19 can take the Math Placement Test to satisfy the pre-requisite for the following courses

  • Math 1130: College Algebra
  • Math 1710: Pre-Calculus I
  • Math 2150: Math for Elementary & Middle School Teachers I

You can find placement criteria for all math courses here.


Placement Test Instructions and Access to the Test


Placement FAQs  

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Other Options for Obtaining the Pre-requisite for Math 1130/1710/2150  

Here you will find information on all options to obtain the pre-requisite needed to register for Math 1130, Math 1710, or Math 2150.



If you have completed Math 1006/1007: Intermediate Algebra at a community college and are waiting for your transcript to be transferred, you can find information here to request a pre-requisite override.