Placement for Math 1130/1710/2150


All students must have a minimum Math ACT subscore of 19 to register for the following entry-level courses:

  • Math 1130: College Algebra
  • Math 1710: Pre-Calculus I
  • Math 2150: Math for Elementary & Middle School Teachers I


Students who need to take one of the above courses, but do not meet the minimum Math ACT requirement, have the following options for obtaining the pre-requisite:

  • Complete the Step Ahead Math Boot Camp and pass the Exit Exam. Note: Step Ahead has been cancelled for summer of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Take the UTC Math Placement Test and achieve a qualifying placement score (placement only valid for Math 1130, Math 1710, or Math 2150).
  • Pass developmental Math course at a Community College (will transfer into UTC as Math 1006 or 1007) with a score of C or better at a community college. You can find more information on transfer equivalencies here


You can find placement criteria for all math courses here.