Department of Mathematics Scholarships and Awards 

The Department of Mathematics offers several scholarships and awards each year to deserving students. There are two scholarships given to incoming freshmen each year who wish to major in mathematics. Seven scholarships and awards are given to upperclassmen each year based on academic excellence in the field of mathematics. 

Incoming Freshman Scholarships

Marjorie Watson Mathematics Scholarship

Dorothy Dean Shelton Mathematics Scholarship

Scholarships and Awards Given to Current Students

Actuarial Science Award

Established in 2003 by the Mathematics Department in recognition of students passing the Actuarial examinations.

Freshman Mathematics Award

The recipient must be a freshman as of the Spring semester when the test is administered or the previous Fall semester. This student scored the highest of all participants on the Freshman Mathematics Award Test. 

James G. Ware Mathematics Education Award

Established in 1994 by Dr. James G. Ware, faculty member of the Department of Mathematics for 30 years, 22 of which were as head of the department, upon the occasion of his retirement. The award goes to the outstanding student planning to teach mathematics at the high school level.

John W. Jayne Memorial Mathematics Award

Established in 1994 by family and colleagues in memory of Dr. John W. Jayne, member of the Department of Mathematics for 22 years, who died in 1993. The award is given each year to an outstanding mathematics student.

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

This award is presented to an outstanding student in the Mathematics Graduate Program.

Ruth Clark Perry Memorial Mathematics Award

Established in 1969 by Mrs. Leonora Miller Seids of Perry, Oklahoma, in memory of her friend, UC Dean of Women from 1924 to 1943 and Professor of Mathematics from 1922 until her death in 1955, to be awarded to an outstanding upper class woman majoring in mathematics.

Winston L. Massey Memorial Mathematics Award

Established in 1973 by the University of Chattanooga Foundation in honor of W. L. Massey, Guerry Professor of Mathematics, on the occasion of his retirement after 40 years of service to his alma mater, for an outstanding upper class man majoring in mathematics.

Karel and Harriet Hujer Scholarship

Funded by a gift from the estate of Harriet Hunt Hujer in memory of her husband and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga professor, Karel Hujer.  Professor Hujer was known throughout Chattanooga for his devotion to the sciences and for his Friday night lecture series at the Clarence T. Jones Observatory.  This one-time scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student in mathematics.