Student Research in the Department of Mathematics

Research can be the capstone experience for students in the Department of Mathematics at UTC. It is an outstanding learning opportunity as it is both experiential and investigative. Research takes place in a setting in which talented faculty and students collaborate in a learning partnership to expand their study and knowledge in the study of Mathematics.


  • Stipends

  • Academic credit

  • Professional development

  • Enjoyment

  • Better informed career decisions

  • Publications in refereed journals

  • Travel to professional meetings and presentation of research results

  • Development of critical thinking skills and independent thought

  • Exposure to laboratory techniques, chemical literature and development of communication skills

Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates. The Department of Mathematics currently hosts a summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Recruitment for the 2020 cohort will begin in Spring 2020.


Take Research for University Credit:

  1. MATH 4997: this research class is usually taken in the fall or spring semester. The student will work with a professor for up to 3 hours credit on a particular research topic. At the end of the term, students present their results in written form and/or orally at a special departmental seminar.
  2. MATH 4995: similar to 4997, this class leads to a departmental honors thesis which is defended before the student’s faculty committee. When approved, Departmental Honors is awarded to the student.
  3.  MATH 5998: At the graduate level, a student will conduct independent research under a faculty advisor for up to 9 credit hours a semester.
  4. MATH 5999: Master's thesis. The M.S. student will conduct research under a faculty advisor for up to 6 hours credit towards degree. Thesis will be defended before faculty committee for approval.
  5. MATH 7950: Graduate research for doctoral students not related to dissertation
  6. MATH 7999: Graduate research for doctoral students working on their dissertation.
  1. Visit the faculty research page to see the current research interests of math faculty. Pick 2-3 professors who have an interest similar to your own.

  2. Send them an email and ask to set up a meeting to discuss their research and options for working with them.

  3. Choose a research professor who has indicated they are interested and inform them of your decision.

  4. Discuss your research options with the professor.