Published Research by Mathematics Faculty

The Department of Mathematics prides itself on a tradition of active and productive research. Recent published research by UTC Department of Mathematics faculty members of the department are listed below.


Published in 2019

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  2. J. R. Graef, S. Ho, L. Kong, and Min Wang, A fractional differential equation model for bike share systems, J. Nonlinear Function. Anal. 2019} (2019), Article ID 23, 14pp.
  3.  J. R. Graef, S. Heidarkhani, L. Kong, and A. Salari, Three Weak Solutions to a degenerate quasilinear elliptic system, Le Matematiche LXXIV (2019), 191--210.
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  9. C. Modnak and J. Wang, An avian influenza model with latency and vaccination,Dynamical Systems, vol. 34, pp. 195-217, 2019.