Here are a few ways the MPA faculty collaborate with government agencies and nonprofit organizations, and we welcome your ideas for collaboration, too.


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Pre-service MPA students—those students without significant administrative experience—are required to complete a 300-hour internship with a public agency or nonprofit organization, where they get a great hands-on learning experience while providing valuable service. Find more information here.


Chattanooga courthouseService-learning projects

Students in some MPA courses are required to complete service-learning projects. These projects are of the same scope as a typical "term paper," but they require students to write a paper or complete a project in service to a nonprofit organization. If you would like to be notified of these opportunities to work with our students, please send a note to



Some members of the faculty provide consulting services, including grant development, program development, program evaluation, organizational development, site-based training, member surveys, employee surveys, and "task force" type service. Depending on the nature, timing, and scope of the work, consulting can take many different forms, including pro-bono projects, contracts directly with individual faculty members, and contracts managed through the university. Contact faculty members directly, or for help connecting with someone, email

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Employee recruitment

We are happy to help you advertise employment opportunities to our students. Send job announcements to