Chamberlain Field: A Beautiful Concrete Stadium

Chamberlain Field was home field to the Mocs football team for nearly 90 years from 1908 to 1997. Originally, the field was comprised of wooden stands that were razed to create a "a beautiful concrete stadium with an exterior of brick and stone in harmony with the other buildings on the campus" in 1927. South Stadium housed more than a football field, the building also included a cafeteria and classrooms. In 2011, South Stadium was finally deconstructed, but the memories will are preserved in Chamberlain Pavilion, which was constructed of the entrance sign and bricks from the original stadium.

This stadium is a living monument of Chattanooga's appreciation of her athletic teams, and a conscious reminder of her faith in them.

Junior Class of the University of Chattanooga, Moccasin, 1928