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Thomas R. Jones, Sr. correspondence with Mary Mildred Jones, 1943 December 3, 1st Leaf


Fort McPherson

Dear Mary Mildred,

Well I guess this is the army
and I don't think I am going
to like it.

We got to Atlanta about 6:30
Fri. and no one was there to
meet us so we waited and waited
and finally had to catch a
street car out to the Fort. Got
in here about 9:30 and of course
was assigned to barracks. I went
to church Sat. & again Sun.
We didn't have a lot to do Sat.
& Sun. but sure have been
busy to-day we got our uniforms
to day & took 3 tests. I guess
we will be fully processed
by to morrow night sure hope
so. It just about time for
the light to go out so will have
to stop for now. Hope you
are feeling better by now.
Kiss T Roy for me and keep
sweet. Will try to get a pass this
weekend if I do I will be home

Love Tommy