Working in the Writing and Communication Center

Student Openings

The WCC has two peer consultant positions available through the Financial Aid office (Federal Work Study or Academic Service Scholars Program). If you are an FWS/ASSP student who is interested in writing center work, please apply online through JobX as soon as Fall openings are available. Please contact Financial Aid for assistance with this process.

Within JobX, select: 1) applicant and employees, 2) find a job, 3) jobs by department, 4) scroll to Library. 5) apply for the library position and indicate an interest in working with the writing center. 6) to speed up the process, please also contact the WCC to let us know you’ve applied. Please note that in order to be eligible to work in the WCC, you need to have already successfully completed your first year composition (English 1010/1020) requirement.

If you do not have a FWS/ASSP award and are still interested in employment with the WCC, you may fill out the application below.

As a peer consultant in the Writing and Communication Center, your main responsibility is to talk to fellow students about their words and ideas. You are not an editor or a proofreader; instead you are a guide, a coach, a sounding board and, at times, a teacher.

In addition to working with students, Writing and Communication Center peer consultants are expected to regularly attend staff meetings, create and design tutoring materials, deliver writing workshops, and engage in action research as members of the WCC community of practice.

Peer Consultant Application