About the Writing and Communication Center

Everyone can benefit from getting feedback on their writing from a peer. At the WCC, we help students, faculty, and staff with any type of writing or communication project—including research papers, presentations, and resumes—at any stage in the process.

About Our Consultations

We offer 45-minute online consultations at any stage in the writing process. These virtual meetings use screen sharing technology and video or text chat to facilitate your session.


We also offer written feedback consultations in which you may submit a draft and receive feedback on it within two business days. 

About Our Consultants

Most of the consultants at the WCC are students themselves. Undergraduate students from a variety of majors who are strong writers and communicators serve as peer consultants. Graduate assistants, a graduate writing specialist, a faculty director, and other staff members also help support writers from the UTC community. All consultants participate regularly in training and professional development exercises, and many of our consultants and staff participate in regional and national writing center conferences. Together, we work to ensure that the WCC is a supportive, inclusive space for all members of the UTC community. 


About Our Approach

Our goal is for you to come away from your consultation with more confidence in your work and with an actionable plan for revising. With these goals in mind, we work to make consultations as interactive and learning-focused as possible. We also try to tailor our sessions to fit the needs of the writer. In many sessions, writers read their texts aloud while consultants listen and follow up with questions for clarification and feedback on focus, thesis, organization, etc. Consultants may also offer assistance with grammar, citation, and formatting. Often the focus and scope of our feedback depends upon the stage of the writing process that the writer is in.