Study Room Monitors

Instructions (pdf)

Connect your device

You may connect a variety of devices to the study room display using a HDMI cable and any necessary adapter. Plug the HDMI cable into the wall plate beneath the display.

A list of adapters available at the Check Out desk on the 1st floor is available here.

study room monitor hub to plug in devices

Check display settings

If your device is not displaying properly, make sure the power is on, then push the "input" button on the control panel to cycle through inputs and ensure "HDMI 1 "is selected. Use the "vol +" and "vol -" buttons to adjust volume.

study rooom monitor controls

If these steps do not fix your problem or if you need any assistance, please get help by contacting any of the following:

Call (423) 425-4501

Text (423) 521-0564

Chat or visit the nearest service desk