The Game of Research

A view of the game board


This original board game teaches students about the research process in a fun and collaborative way.

Time Required

  • This activity takes 15-20 minutes depending on group size.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to describe four steps in the research process.
  • Students will be able to identify positive and negative behaviors within the research process.
  • Students will be able to reflect on their own research behaviors.

Materials Needed

  • Game board
  • Game pieces (player pieces, dice, topic cards, and money). Can be organized into small plastic containers.
  • "Instructions" PowerPoint. Alternate paper instructions could be created depending on technology limitations.
  • Worksheets
  • Pens/pencils


  • Set up
    • Load "Instructions" PowerPoint onto overhead projector.
    • Form groups of 4-5 students. Pass out a game board and game pieces to each group. Each student will receive a copy of the accompanying worksheet.
    • Each student will start the game by selecting a game piece. Each group will need to appoint a banker and roll to see who goes first (suggest students go in a clockwise rotation after the high roller).
    • Students will then pick a Research Path (Brainstorm a Topic or Chose a Topic). Follow the instructions on the game board. They will record the value list on the topic card on their worksheet.
      • Brainstorm: Pick three topics, chose 1
      • Select a topic: Pick one topic card
  • Game Play
    • Students will roll the dice and move around the game board.
    • Students will check off the spaces they land on on the worksheet and collect or pay any money listed on the spaces.
    • Anytime a student hits on a blue Topic Bonus space they receive the amount listed on the topic card they chose at the beginning on the game.
  • Wrap Up
    • All players must finish regardless of who reaches the end first.
    • Students add up their money.
    • Determine which ending they won.
      • Extra credit: $0-$799
      • Scholarship: $800+



Updated June 2014

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